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How to enrol your students
How to enrol your students

Simple steps for affiliates and partners to enrol their students on CambriLearn.

Written by Nadia Pisanti
Updated over a week ago

Follow these quick and simple steps to make sure your students are correctly linked to you as an affiliate. Without following these steps, your students will not be connected to your organisation, which will prevent you from managing them on CambriLearn and may prevent any sales attribution.

Note that it's important for each student to have their own unique profile.

Step 1: Set up your account:

  • Visit our sign-up page to begin registering a new student.

    The email used for the student must be unique, as it will be used for logging into CambriLearn, so avoid using the address from a parent or guardian

  • If the student does not have an email address you can setup a brand new one or, for those of you with Gmail or iCloud accounts, you can add '+child's name' to the end of your regular email address to create an 'alias' email account (but mails will still come to your inbox). For example: 'parent+child's'.

  • Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive an email asking you to confirm your account.

Step 2: Log in and connect the student to your organisation

  • Fill out all the information requested here. The most important fields for you will be 'Tutor centre' and 'Referral code'. This is where your information must go.

Step 3: Start Learning!

After you've connected the student to your organisation and watched the intro video, you can proceed to 'Let's start learning' and begin selecting the courses your student will be studying.


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