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And why we can't (and won't) accept bulk submissions

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We get many queries related to bulk submissions to the CambriLearn platform. Here's the correct procedure to follow when submitting assignments (and why we don't accept bulk submissions).

What do we mean when we say, ‘bulk submission’?

Any time you try to upload more than one assessment (per subject!) at the same time, we consider this a BULK SUBMISSION.

Why are the bulk submissions causing an issue?

The 7-day marking process time

We have hundreds of assignments coming in every week, and teachers need to have the capacity to receive and mark your work. They want to give you quality feedback, which means you get the most out of completing them.

By trying to upload more than one assignment you will block the system. It might seem like a quick method of getting your work marked more quickly, but all that will happen is the extra assignments will be deleted to unblock the system. This unexpected process also adds extra time.

What you put in is what you get out

A lot of the time, students who bulk submit tend to rush through their assignments, simply trying to ‘get them done’. This defeats the point of doing them in the first place – which is to help you check how well you’ve learnt the material.

Take your time, prepare yourself and do your assignments to the best of your ability. In this way, you’ll get feedback that is helpful in guiding you towards improving your understanding of the subject.

This is part of the value of the service Cambrilearn provides, so take advantage and make the most of it!

Repeating the same mistakes!

When you bulk submit, it’s more difficult for you to consider the feedback you receive from the teacher in relation to the mistakes you’ve made. Often taking these corrections and observations into consideration will help you understand and improve the grades you've scored.

Best practice when submitting assignments

Remember that an assignment is based on questions from past papers and will cover a particular section of the syllabus in some detail.

You should make sure that you understand everything before attempting the assignment.

Treat it as a ‘mini test’, and follow these steps to get the best out of the effort you put into writing them:

Step 1: Complete all the relevant work in the sections leading up to an assignment. This includes reading through your notes, as well as the portion of the textbook and CambriLearn course guide that apply.

Step 2: Revise all questions from the textbook that apply, as well as any worksheets or activities you may have covered.

Step 3: Check that your summaries and formulae and equation sheets are up to date (where relevant).

Step 4: Complete the assignment carefully, taking time to think about your presentation. Neat, easy-to-read work will always be marked with more attention.

Step 5: Make sure you scan the pages in the correct order, and that the resolution is clear (the document must be easy to read before you upload it). A resolution of 300 dpi is recommended.

Step 6: When you get your assignment back, take the time to read through it carefully. Consider what has been advised in the comments provided and the corrections shown by the teacher. Where you lost marks, revise the questions so that you can improve your understanding and avoid making the same mistake again.

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