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The benefit of the extra live lessons and Q&A sessions
The benefit of the extra live lessons and Q&A sessions

Here’s why both our extra live lessons and the Q&A sessions are there to help our students in their active learning.

Written by Nadia Pisanti
Updated over a week ago

Extra live lessons

These are great for revising topics students may have already covered in their own programme, or as a starting point for topics they have yet to tackle.

They are also a great source once they are recorded. Students can return to the recorded video to revisit certain points, and because each video is saved in the appropriate section in the course, they are easy to access.

What’s more, students can watch any video as often as they need, to help them understand a topic in more depth.

Live Q&A sessions

These sessions form part of the Premium subscription. They also typically include a cross-section of students from every stage of the course.

Students present their questions to the teacher, who then either:

  • answers them for the group's benefit, or

  • gets the student to help answer them so that those further along in the course benefit from 'teaching' while those starting out are given the necessary answers.

They are similar to university tutorials, with a student-driven agenda.

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