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How to link your parent/guardian account to a student's
How to link your parent/guardian account to a student's

A quick guide to ensure you have a 360-view of your child or student's progress.

Written by Nadia Pisanti
Updated over a week ago

Students achieve their best when their parents and/or guardians are involved and supporting their work, so here's how to make sure you are connected to their student profile/account.

This is an important facility because you now have full visibility of the following:

  • A full overview of the student's current progress.

  • Details around the courses they are taking.

  • Their current average from their marked assignments.

  • Their percentile indicator to help compare their individual progress with other students in the same class, to help benchmark their performance.

  • The number of assignments completed for each course.

  • The student's progress through the material.

  • Teacher profiles.

  • The student's activity on the platform every month.

  • Lessons completed each month.

  • Group sessions attended.

  • Live chat messages sent.

With all these features available to you, linking your account to your child's or student's is the easiest way for a closer understanding of their progress, and the ways you can help in areas where they need it.

There are two ways you can do this:

1: When you first sign up

As soon as you have signed up successfully, you'll be taken to this view. Follow the prompt on the right-hand side to 'Connect with Student'.


2: As an existing profile/account holder

You will select the drop-down menu on your profile and select 'Linked Accounts'.

Follow the prompt to 'Connect with Students'.

  • Enter the email of the account with which you'd like to link.

  • Under 'Link type' confirm their relationship to you, i.e., 'Student'.

  • Click on the 'Send Request' button.

When the student next signs in they will see a notification in the top right-hand side of their screen, which will show your request to link to their account.

They will approve the link request by selecting the 'Accept' button as shown above.

You as the parent or guardian will receive a notification as soon as the student has accepted.

Now you can go to the student tracker and view the student's profile.

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