How Invigilation of assessments works - how to assign an invigilator, and what is required.

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While assignments can be completed at any time by the student on their own, and without a time limit, there are strict rules about CambriLearn tests and exams.

Tests and exams are accessed by invigilators, not students.

When a student is ready to take a test or exam, they will need to click on the Get Started button on the right side of the course in question.

The student will then enter the email address of the person who will be invigilating their test or exam. Once the student has completed this process, an email will be sent to the invigilator with a link to the Invigilator Dashboard. From here, the invigilator can download the test or exam, print it out, and invigilate the completion of the test or exam following the listed guidelines and conditions.

There are 24-hour time limits on submissions of tests and exams. If a student has accidentally started a test or exam before they were supposed to, please contact with the student's username, and the name of the test or exam included in the email.

Starter Package:

If the student is taking the subject in question on the Starter package, CambriLearn will not be marking the assessment. In this case, once the invigilator has submitted the completed assessment on behalf of the student, they can download the memorandum for the assessment from the student's profile in the Student Tracker and mark the assessment. Once marking is complete, the invigilator will upload the mark achieved and the marked assessment in the Student Tracker.

To recap:

1. Download the assessment through the Invigilator Dashboard (this is linked in the email sent to the invigilator once the student has nominated the invigilator from the Student Dashboard)
2. Complete the assessment
3. Upload the completed assessment through the Invigilator Dashboard

4. From here, open the student's profile in the Student Tracker in a Tutor or Guardian Account which is linked to the Student Account.
5. Navigate to the course and assessment which has been completed.

6. Download the memorandum.

7. Mark the assessment according to the memorandum.
8. In the Student Tracker, upload the marked assessment and enter the mark achieved.

On the Standard and Premium packages, our CambriLearn teachers do everything after point 3 above for you.

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