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How to use the Dashboard to navigate through CambriLearn courses.

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Every student profile has a Dashboard. This is where the student and their facilitator will find all the courses that the student is enrolled in.

The Group Sessions calendar is found at the top of the Dashboard and will display all upcoming Live Lessons and Q&A Sessions for subjects that the student is enrolled in.

In the calendar on the left side, the circled dates have Group Sessions scheduled for subjects that the student is enrolled in. Today's date is filled with blue.

- Starter package: no Q&A Sessions
- Standard package: 45-minute teaching Q&A Sessions only
- Premium package: 30-minute interactive and 45-minute teaching Q&A Sessions

Click on Attending on any Group Session to reserve the student's place in that Session. If enough students reserve their place in the Session beforehand, we will create a second session to accommodate all the students. If a student does not reserve their place ahead of time, the session could be filled by other students, meaning that the student cannot attend that session.

Below the Group Sessions calendar are the courses that the student is enrolled in. If the student is enrolled in subjects across more than 1 curriculum, please toggle the curriculum using the curriculum dropdown menu to see all the courses.

You can switch between a list view as above, and a Student-Tracker style view of the courses. Do this with the view slider next to the curriculum selector. This is what the Student Tracker-style view looks like:

This view will display the number of completed assessments, as well as the results for those assessments, and the course average.

Open a course by clicking on Start or Continue in the list view, or by clicking on the right arrow in the Student Tracker view.

This is what a CambriLearn course will look like when you open it. At the top, there are four tabs:

Lessons - this is our written coursework content.

Recorded Live Lessons - this is our library of recorded past Live Lessons done on the course, searchable by topic.

Forums - this is where students can chat with one another on the CambriLearn platform. All threads are moderated. Only available on the Standard and Premium packages.

Assignments - this is where students can submit assignments, and view marked assignments.

On the right-hand side is a results summary displaying the average for assignments, tests and exams, as well as the overall course average.

Below this, there are Get Started buttons for tests and exams. This is where a student will initiate the process of taking a test or exam when they are ready to do so. These buttons display the next test or exam which is due for the student (It will start with Test 1).

Every CambriLearn course is divided into a number of weeks. It is important to start with the Introduction, and not skip straight to Week 1. The Introduction section for every course will contain all the information required to plan our the course, including when assignments, tests and exams should be done, and which textbooks and resources are required.

  • When opening a new lesson, open it in a new tab for faster navigation of the platform.

  • Print out all of the documents in the Introduction for each course, to have quick and easy access to them at all times.

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