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CambriLearn has a dedicated in-house Marketing department with a vested interest in ensuring that our Partnership is well advertised.

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CambriLearn is committed to assisting our affiliates in their marketing efforts to help grow our partnership and add value to both parties. This includes the creation of marketing materials to better advertise our partnership.
As a CambriLearn affiliate, you get access to pre-made marketing materials such as prospectuses, brochures and social media announcements.
Please visit our Affiliate Portal here to download your personalised Social Media Partner Announcement and Affiliation Certificate, and to start the process of building your unique Landing Page. You can also use this portal to get access to our library of brochures and trade presenters.
You are also able to request custom, bespoke marketing materials from our marketing mepartment. Please contact your Education Consultant to discuss your unique marketing needs further.
Please note that any marketing materials we provide to you will be in a digital format, if printing is required, you will be responsible for having the printing done, including the cost of printing.

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