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What a CambriLearn Reseller Profile is, how to get one, and how to use it.

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A CambriLearn Reseller Profile is invaluable to anyone selling and using our courses. This profile gives you access to all of our content in all of our courses, for free, and in perpetuity.
The Reseller Profile is a separate CambriLearn account which does not have a Student Tracker, cannot link to students, and cannot interact with any other CambriLearn account.

The Reseller Profile has access to the Dashboard, and every CambriLearn course which is active at the time will be visible from the Dashboard. You are able to open up any course at any time and explore its contents to learn more about how to sell the course to new customers. It is also valuable in preparing for upcoming terms across all subjects if you run a learning centre and teach or tutor CambriLearn students.
To get your own Reseller Profile, please contact your Education Consultant or
If you have a Reseller Profile, please never share its login credentials with any students, parents, guardians or anyone outside of your organisation.

We reserve the right to grant access to and remove access from Reseller Profiles at our discretion.

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