How student referral commissions work for CambriLearn Affiliates

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As a CambriLearn Affiliate, you are entitled to commission on purchases made for students whom you have referred to CambriLearn.

We use your 5-digit Affiliate Referral Code to track which students you have referred. When a student account is enrolled using your Referral Code, their account is linked to you, and you are eligible for commission on purchases made for that student account. The commission percentage is stated in the CambriLearn Affiliate Agreement which you sign.
When you sign up as a CambriLearn Affiliate, you need to provide us with your banking details. This is the bank account which we will pay your commissions into. Please notify us immediately if your banking or address details change by contacting
The commission is paid one month in arrears, so you earn a commission at the end of this month for revenue generated last month. If the student's subscription purchase was made with an upfront payment, you will receive the commission once, since it is only one payment. If the student's subscription is paid in monthly instalments, you will earn a commission on each instalment paid. If the student's subscription is cancelled, you will only receive a commission for the portion of the subscription before the cancellation, rounded up to the nearest whole month.
An important note is that your 5-digit Affiliate Referral Code will also be used by the payer of the student's subscriptions when they check out, to receive a discount on the purchase. This does not make you entitled to commission on the purchase, it is just a discount for the payer of the fees. We recommend that you confirm with your Education Consultant whether each new student account is linked to you, before the subscriptions are purchased.

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