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How reports are created and received on our Starter, Standard and Premium packages

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CambriLearn's assessment marking service is included in both the Standard and Premium packages. This means that CambriLearn will generate reports for students on these packages. On the Standard and Premium packages, once a student has completed every assessment in all the courses they are currently enrolled on, it is possible to request a report card for the student from the Student Tracker. The Starter package does not include CambriLearn's marking service; therefore, reports are also not included in this package.

CambriLearn can only generate and approve a report for a student whose work we have marked ourselves. To create a report for a Starter package student, please download the report card template here. You will use the student's marks and the weighting document to determine the final marks which need to be placed into the report card template. You can then sign off on the report yourself to confirm the report's legitimacy.
CambriLearn can also generate Progress Reports upon request. These are useful to confirm enrollment with CambriLearn and to provide a statement of academic progress endorsed by our Pedagogical department heads. We can only produce Progress Reports for students who are enrolled in the Standard or Premium packages, and not the Starter package since we cannot endorse results based on assessments we have not marked. To request a Progress Report for a student, please contact us at and provide the student's full name and username (email address).

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