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Downloading, completing and submitting assessments
Downloading, completing and submitting assessments

This article describes how to download, complete and submit assessments, how to register as an invigilator and how to apply for concessions.

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There are several kinds of continuous assessments that CambriLearn students may complete as part of their courses.

These include;
- Assignments (no time limit)
- Tests (24-hour time limit)
- Progression tests / Exams (24-hour time limit)
- Mock Exams (no time limit)

Tests and exams have 24 hour time limits for submission, meaning that you will have 24 hours to submit the assessment from the moment you download it.

Every CambriLearn course has an introduction lesson which comes before Week 1. This Introduction is valuable in allowing the Tutor, Guardian and Student to plan out the course. One of the documents contained in the introduction is the course outline/calendar. This provides a detailed overview of what each week of learning will cover. The course outline also shows you where in the course each assessment will be done.

The actual assessments are found under the lessons tab when viewing a given subject in the student dashboard. Assignments will be spread out across the weeks of the course in even intervals. Mid-term tests and progression tests can also be found under the lessons tab.


Once you open an assignment lesson, you will be able to view a document titled, "This Week". This document outlines what is needed to prepare for the assignment.

When you open the assignment itself, you are able to view any concessions which apply to the assignment. To apply for a concession, please send an email to with a report from an Educational Psychologist.

Click on "Download Assignment" to download an assignment to your device. There will be instructions on how to complete the assignment and any conditions which are applicable. From here, you can print it out for the student to complete. Because there is no time limit on assignment submission, you are able to print out all the assignments in advance.

Once the student has completed the assignment, you can upload it by following the instructions.

If the student is taking this subject on the Standard or Premium package, our teachers will mark the assignment and update the mark achieved in the Student Tracker. If the student is taking this subject on the Starter package, our marking service is not included and you will need to mark the assignment yourself.

On the Starter package, once a completed assignment has been uploaded in the Student Tracker, a memorandum will become available for download on the left side. Download that memorandum and use it to mark the assignment. Once marked, upload the marked assignment on the right side and enter the mark achieved. Any assignment with outstanding marking will have a red dot as such:

Mid-term Tests and Exams:

Many CambriLearn courses will include one or more mid-term tests. These tests build towards to final progression test (Exam).

To do a test or exam, the student will need to open the Test or Exam Lesson within the course, and read the Instructions. This will let you and the student know how to start the test, how to assign an invigilator, and how concessions will work if applicable.

Please see this article for more detail on how invigilation works, how to submit completed tests, and how to mark completed tests on the Starter package:

Mock Exams:

Mock exams are included in the following British international curriculum levels:
- International GCSE
- AS level
- A level

The process for taking a mock exam is the same as the process for tests and exams in all our courses. On the Premium package, our marking service includes marking and feedback for mock exams. On the Standard and Starter packages, our marking service is not included for mock exams and you will need to use the memorandum provided in the Student Tracker to mark the mock exam yourself.

Past Papers

We also include past papers and memorandums at the end of the course for the British International curriculum levels below:
- International GCSE
- AS level
- A level

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