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Affiliate Referral Code Discount
Affiliate Referral Code Discount

This article demonstrates how Students and Guardians will use your Affiliate Referral Code to claim a discount on purchases.

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Your unique Affiliate Referral Code serves two functions.

1. When applied during the initial registration process for the student account, it links the student account to your affiliate account so that you are eligible for commission on future purchases made for that particular student account.

2. It also functions as a discount voucher code, providing the payer of the student's fees with a discount on their purchase. The person paying for the subscription will add them to the student's cart, then open the cart and select Pay Now. They will choose their payment method first. Please let them know that EFT / Bank Transfer payments are only accepted for Upfront payments made in full. Should they wish to pay in monthly instalments, they need to select payment by Credit Card. Most Debit and Credit cards will be accepted.

On the next page, they will select the currency which they wish to be quoted in if paying via EFT, or their payment plan if paying via Credit Card. They will also enter your Affiliate Referral Code on this page. Please note that we cannot retroactively apply the discount to purchases once they are made. It is your and the payer's responsibility to ensure that the Affiliate Referral Code is used to receive the discount.

The below screenshot shows how your Affiliate Referral Code should be applied during checkout to receive the discount. The person paying will enter the code into the Enter discount voucher code text field.

Then, they will click on Link Voucher. This will apply a discount to the total below. It will show the name of the voucher code, and the discount percentage.

From here, they can proceed to the next payment page with the discount applied.


There is a "Voucher Code not found" error
Please send an email to explaining that your Affiliate Referral Code is not generating a discount. Please list this error verbatim in your email, and request a single-use substitute voucher code.

There is a "Voucher code already used" error
Likely, you have used this browser on this device recently to purchase a subscription, and our platform is rejecting the request to use the Affiliate Referral Code as a discount, to protect against fraud. Please attempt the checkout process in another browser, or on another device, or clear your browser's cache for all-time.

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