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How to Register a Student Account
How to Register a Student Account

This article demonstrates how a Student Account should be registered and linked to an Affiliate Account.

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As a CambriLearn affiliate, you are entitled to a unique co-branded landing page on our website. This page includes your logo, address details, referral code and further information on what you offer.

Each page has a Get Started button, which takes a guardian or student to our registration form. It will automatically pre-fill the referral code field with your unique affiliate referral code. If you sign up every student using your landing page, then you will never need to worry about your referral code being used or applied incorrectly. We highly recommend that you use your affiliate landing page when signing up new students.

To register a student account on the CambriLearn platform without an affiliate landing page, navigate to and select I am a Student. You will now have our Registration Form in front of you.

Every CambriLearn account requires a unique username to differentiate it from other accounts. We use email addresses as usernames. There are three options for student account usernames:
- Use the student's existing email address
- Create a new email address for the student
- Use an extension of an existing email address

The third option above is particularly useful for tutors. As an example, if your primary affiliate email address was and you were signing up a student named Sarah, you could use an extension of your primary affiliate email as Sarah's username, like this:

This extended email address is still technically and emails sent to will still arrive in the inbox of CambriLearn's platform, however, will recognise as being a unique username.

Using extensions of your primary affiliate email address as the username for all your students can be helpful in reducing your admin and avoiding confusion due to forgotten usernames, provided that your students and their guardians are comfortable with this arrangement.

This method of extending your email address should work if your email is a gmail, yahoo, icloud or hotmail address. If you are unsure whether it will work for your email address, send yourself a test email to the extended address. If you receive the test email, then your email address can be extended in this manner.

Many of the fields on this registration form are not compulsory and are for CambriLearn's own research purposes. We appreciate accuracy on all the fields in the form, but there is no need to be overly concerned about accuracy on non-critical fields. The only fields which are critical are:

  • Email (must be a real email address able to receive mail, must be unique on CambriLearn)

  • Guardian Email (must be a real email address able to receive mail)

  • Nickname (must be unique)

  • Referral Code

It is critical that you ensure that the referral code field is populated with your 5-digit affiliate referral code. This is how the student account is linked to your affiliate account and is what makes you eligible for commission on purchases made for that student account.

If you are aware that a student account has been created without your affiliate referral code in error, please contact your Education Consultant immediately. CambriLearn is able to apply the referral code to the student account once it is created.

Please note that commissions are settled once for every sale which is made. Though we can add your referral code to a student account after commissions have been settled, you are not eligible for commissions on subscriptions purchased if your referral code has been added after commissions have been settled. We cannot retroactively alter the commissions once they have been settled.

We encourage guardians to familiarise themselves with our Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions, especially the cancellation policy.

Once the registration form is complete, click on Sign Up. You will be greeted with a popup explaining the account verification process. Click on Sign Up again.

CambriLearn student accounts need to be verified in order to be fully enrolled. This is because minors cannot legally create these accounts themselves. A verification email will be sent to each of the two email addresses which were filled out in the registration form:

1. Guardian Email - the email address of the guardian. Please click on this button to grant parental consent for the creation of the account.

2. Student Email - the student account's username. If you used an extension of your primary affiliate email, this verification email will be sent to you. Please click on this button to verify this email address as real, and linked to the student account.

Once this is complete, your browser will automatically open a new tab with the student account logged in. From here, the student needs to watch the enrolment video explaining how CambriLearn works. We recommend that the student watches it in full, but if the student is not present, you are able to open and then immediately close the video. Once the video has been opened, the enrollment process can be completed in full.

In summary, here is a checklist to follow to ensure all the important steps are completed correctly:

  1. Select I am a Student if you wish to create a student account.

  2. Fill out the registration form in full, paying special attention to the 4 critical fields.

  3. Ensure that your affiliate referral code is entered correctly

  4. Click Confirm my account in the email sent to the student email address

  5. Click Allow learner to use CambriLearn in the email sent to the guardian email address.

  6. Watch the enrolment video.

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