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How to request a report card
How to request a report card

A step by step guide on how to request a report card on the CambriLearn platform.

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Parents and guardians can request a report card from their parent dashboard.

Before you start please note that only a parent/guardian/tutor can request a report card from their guardian profile. The parent will need to ensure that their account is linked to the student’s profile. (Here is a guide on how to link a parent or guardian account to a student’s profile)

A guardian can only request a report card when all of the student's assessments have been completed and marked. Therefore, all subjects for the stage that they are in has to have all the assignments, tests and exams completed before being able to request a report card.

Here is a step by step guide on how to request a report card, once your account is linked and all the assessments and tests have been submitted.

  1. From the CambriLearn website (, log in to your parent/guardian profile.

  2. Select the student and the level for which you are requesting a report card.

  3. Select “Request Report Card”.

  4. Select the Subjects that you would like to request a report card for, then select "Submit".

  5. Once the report card has been requested, a pop-up notification will appear to let you know that you have successfully requested a report card.

  6. The report card will be sent to you within 24 hours.

Some Other Options

We also have a few other reporting options to provide to students if they have not yet completed their course but need an academic report. To request one of the below reports please email

Progress Report: This is a detailed report of all the averages that the student is currently obtaining within their subjects. We issue this report when a student has not yet completed their course in full but still needs some academic report.

Registration Letters: A CambriLearn support consultant can issue a registration letter to any student to show that they are registered and studying through CambriLearn.

Completion Report: This is a letter of completion that gets sent to our Phonics/ Learning to Read students when they have completed that particular course.

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