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What textbooks do I need and where can I buy them?
What textbooks do I need and where can I buy them?

All the information you need on what textbooks you will need and where to buy them

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Global Supply Chain

The Covid-19 pandemic has put strain on global textbook suppliers and there are currently supply chain delays in printing and delivering 2022 textbooks. We want to assure our CambriLearn parents and students that these supply chain issues do not impact our students’ progress as all our coursework is designed to support the 2021 textbooks throughout 2022. For students who are unable to find a relevant 2022 textbook, we recommend purchasing a textbook from our 2021 textbook list.

Digital Textbooks

You can also purchase a digital textbook should you be unable to find stock of the 2021 physical textbooks. When buying digital textbooks, remember that their ISBN numbers are different from the physical textbooks; search for these books using the textbook title rather than the ISBN number.

Preferred Supplier

CambriLearn has a partnership arrangement with Bala Kudu to improve the availability of International British Curriculum textbooks. An exclusive discount of 7.5% is available to CambriLearn students who use the discount code BKCL@2021. You can contact Bulu Kudu at

Textbook Lists

To view your required textbook list per curriculum, subject and grade please visit our CambriLearn textbook centre (

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