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Invigilator Guide for British Curriculum Students
Invigilator Guide for British Curriculum Students

The comprehensive guide to the invigilator process for Cambridge curriculum students.

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The student is only allowed to access the tests if they have completed all the assignments prior to the tests.

It would also help improve their results if they have completed the course work.

Please note that the Assignments and Midcourse Tests contribute towards their final average marks and will reflect on the student’s Progress Card issued by Cambrilearn. Progress Cards are not issued to IGCSE/ AS and A-Level students because they receive their results directly from Cambridge.

The weighting of the marks are as follows:

In Cambridge, the following symbol or percentages are regarded as a pass mark:

  • Primary Stage to *IGCSE Levels = C (60%),

  • *AS Level = D (50%)

  • *A Level = E (40%)

*University entrance is determined by the results received in the final external exams written and is specified by the individual universities. Contact your preferred university for information on entrance requirements.

Getting Started

The tests are meant to mimic the exams conditions and help the student get prepared for that final external exams taken at IGCSE, AS and A Level. The more practice they have under these exam conditions, the better.

The guidelines contained herein reflects the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) Exams Handbook.


  1. Please note that the student is not allowed to access the tests if they have not completed all assignments or mid-course tests in this subject.

  2. Invigilators must download and print the test paper from your email inbox. Please ensure that the student does not have access to the papers prior to the test beginning.

  3. Once downloaded the timer will begin. You will have 24 hours to complete and upload the finished test.

  4. Check that all the pages have been printed correctly and carefully read the instructions on the front cover.

  5. Ensure all answers are done on the space provided in the test paper OR provide the student with their own blank paper.

  6. All workings and calculations must be done on the test paper – there is no scrap paper allowed. Please ensure any rough work is labelled accordingly.

  7. The time and stationery allowed for each paper is given on the front cover of the test paper. Students may only open the test when the time begins and close it at the end of time. Please give only a single timewarning, 5 minutes before the end of time as this is all they are given during their final external exams.

  8. After the paper is completed, please ensure that all the pages are scanned in order into a single pdf.

  9. You have 24 hours to scan and upload the papers onto the portal.

Test Environment

  1. Ensure that the student can clearly see the time while writing.

  2. The venue should be quiet; no music is allowed.

Prohibited Materials

  1. No written materials of any kind are permitted e.g. the student’s water bottle (if desired) should not have any labels on.

  2. No electronic devices such as cell phones or smart watches are permitted.

  3. No calculator covers or maths-set boxes are allowed. Stationery must be in a clear see-through bag.

  4. No books or notes are allowed in the exam venue.

Running the Test

  1. The question paper may only be opened when the allocated time begins.

  2. There is no reading time.

  3. The student must be supervised for the full duration of the paper.

  4. There must be no communication during the paper, a 5 minute warning should be given before the end of the allocated time.

  5. At the end of the allocated time, the student must stop writing and close the paper, even if they haven’t finished.


Please ensure that concessions have been put in place by contacting Cambrilearn Education; or your Education Consultant for more information.

Reporting Unusual Events

  1. Please note that should any unusual events occur during the exams e.g. load-shedding, student falling ill, it must be reported on the cover page of the exams.

  2. If you have missed the deadline time to download or upload the exam papers, please contact

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